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I want to share with you some helpful tips I’ve learned from visiting Paris. As most of you all know, Paris is the city of love, fashion and elegance.  Which is probably why many well known designers are inspired by the Parisian style.  My first tip to recreating French inspired looks is to not think so hard. Parisian women have a very laid back everyday style and never think too hard about what they’re going to wear.  Second tip is to give your outfit a POP of color.  Although French women do wear lots of black and grey, everything is up to your style and what you feel comfortable in.  Stick to those shades that make you look and feel confident.  French woman don’t typically wear a ton of makeup so keep it to a minimal amount.  Not to say you can’t rock your favorite lipstick because Parisians are known for bright red lips. Third tip is to create an outfit that looks chic yet effortless.  Personally, I love a simple black dress and minimal jewelry.  If you’re looking for more of an everyday look, a white v-neck, Levi’s and a relaxed fit blazer in my opinion is easy to recreate.  Which brings me to my fourth tip, less is more!  Pretty self explanatory but wearing complicated outfits actually take away from your look.  Too many embellishments is a good example.  Fifth tip, flats are your friends.  The cobblestone streets make it difficult to maneuver around in stilettos so leave those at home ladies.  My last tip, two words.. leather jackets.

Gros Bisous!

Love, Chloé


Vacation in Nice 2015






















Nice was unbelievably beautiful  and I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to actually live in such a city.  The romantic walks along the beach were something I could only imagine in my wildest dreams.  The refreshing breeze from the ocean was all I needed.  Looking out at the never ending horizon helped take away the sadness from my grandmother’s recent death.  Nothing can prepare you for something like that.  I miss her everyday but I know she’s in her own paradise.  The apartment Philipp booked from Airbnb was absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful view, all white with chic modern decor, a blogger’s dream home.   The weather in Nice was hot and the beach was crowded with locals.  As I looked around at all the colorful buildings and exotic flowers I kept thinking how lucky I was to be there.  Although our visit was short, we made the most out of every day and discovered new city squares every night. We ate fresh seafood from the ocean and drank delicious french wine.  There was music, wine and laughter.  I was falling more in love and never wanted to leave.  We ventured into the cutest boutique shops to find everything we wanted but didn’t really need.  During daylight hours the squares were filled with street markets but when dinner time rolled around it was swarming with nightlife.  It’s funny how you can always find an Irish pub in Europe no matter where you go.  We went to a nightclub down the street from our place and from what I remember it was a blast!  With the illuminated city skylines on either side of us, we spent our last night sitting on the beach before going out for another late night dinner.  It was a night to remember.  And to think that this was just the start of our vacation!  I’ll definitely be returning to this paradise.

Love, Chloé