My Vienna Bucket List

Hello my darlings!  I finally got around to sorting through and editing all our photos from our trip to Vienna, Austria.  I cannot believe it’s May already aka my birthday month!  There are so many travels to come in the next few months and I am so excited to share our adventures with you.

It’s no secret that I’m completely in love with Vienna for its breathtaking architecture but it really is one of the most charming cities I’ve ever been to.  There’s something enchanting about the turquoise domes and the white sandstone buildings embellished in gold.  The ambiance is madly romantic and the perfect city to get lost in.  There is so much beauty and rich history around every corner.  While wandering the streets you may find yourself in what feels like another century.  Make sure you wear comfortable footwear because most streets are cobblestone.  As for the night life goes in Vienna, I must say if you’re a non-smoker you might not like the typical bar scene.  I’m not sure why but smoking is allowed in almost every bar.

Story time: One night we went out to the bars and it was pouring rain.  We dodged the rain all night long stopping into many bars for “one” drink and just before we were about to go home, we got hungry.  Of all the places in Vienna, we ended up in this very elegant restaurant.  Trying to act normal, we walk in (soaking wet from head to toe) and decide to sit at their teeny, tiny bar because the restaurant was full.  What do you order after a night of drinking?  Chocolate cake. So we ordered two traditional Viennese chocolate cakes. We ate them both in a matter of minutes while singing to the music that was softly playing in the background.  All of a sudden, the song “You Lift Me Up” by Josh Grobin started playing and well… just imagine us singing very loudly with chocolate all over our faces, waving our spoons like lighters at a concert.  Everyone was staring and we almost fell off our barstools laughing.  So many laughs. Best night ever.

Unfortunately, our days were numbered in this magical city.  We spent a total of 3 days exploring Vienna and during that time I created My Vienna Bucket List.  Loaded with everything you should see and do the first time you visit Vienna.  I would love to revisit Vienna during the Christmas season because they have the most beautiful Christmas markets.

My Vienna Bucket List

  1. Explore the Schönbrunn Palace and walk through the imperial gardens up to the Gloriette.  Schönbrunn is the former summer residence of Austrian’s imperial family and is one of Europe’s most impressive Baroque palaces.  Get lost in the Maze and if time permits, visit the Tiergarten—the world’s oldest zoo founded in the 18th century.  You could really spend an entire day visiting Schönbrunn because there is so much to see!
  2. Visit the Hofburg and take ride through Vienna on a horse-drawn carriage.
  3. Watch a show at The Spanish Horse Riding School.
  4. Enjoy a coffee and order the Kaiserschmarrn cake at Cafe Central.  It was my favorite traditional Viennese coffeehouse and had the most beautiful interiors.
  5. Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and watch the sunset from the roof.
  6. Enjoy a Sachertorte at Cafe Dommayer.
  7. Attend a traditional Viennese Ball and dance the night away.
  8. Visit the Vienna State Opera.
  9. Wander the Austrian National Library.  The most beautiful library I have ever seen.
  10. Sit on the steps across from Karlskirche and enjoy the view.
  11. Explore the Belvedere Palace.
  12. Visit the Winter Palace of Prince Eugene.
  13. Visit the Albertina Museum and enjoy a fantastic view from the Albertina Platz to the Vienna Opera.
  14. Enjoy a drink at the Sofitel, one of the best rooftop bars in Vienna.


Schönbrunn Palace                                          



Hofburg Palace     

Cafe Central     

Austrian National Library            

St. Stephen’s Cathedral      

Winter Palace of Prince Eugene



Vienna State Opera

Flower markets in the city centre  

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope my bucket list was helpful to those of you planning a trip to Vienna!


Three Days in Munich Travel Diary

Hello my friends! Looking back at all the photos from our recent 10 day road trip, the thing I miss most would have to be waking up knowing I have a full day of adventure ahead of me. It was so wonderful exploring new cities together and wandering around Munich like complete tourists in the same country we live in. Although our destination was to Vienna, the first stop on our road trip was Munich.

We stayed at Hotel Europa for 3 nights. It was a wonderful hotel and the breakfast was really good.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We walked downtown every night and found great places to eat/drink without even trying. I’ve never eaten so many pretzels in my entire life.

Since we only spent 3 days in Munich, I thought I would share our favorite restaurants and places to see!

Places to Eat/Drink

Hofbräuhaus München…tradition and cosy atmosphere.  This brewery was founded at the end of the 16th century and it’s still the most famous beer hall. It’s as stereotypical as you can imagine. Women walking around carrying picnic baskets full of giant pretzels, wearing tradition german “dirndls”. A dirndl is a traditional Bavarian dress.  I was surprised to see a lot of locals there as well. If you look above most tables, there will be a sign hanging that reads “Stammtisch” along with a name.  Stammtisch means Regulars’ Table. Basically whenever those regulars come in for a drink or get together, it’s required that you give up the table for them. I should also mention that underneath these signs is a bell (DO NOT RING THIS BELL), it requires you to buy a round of drinks/shots for the entire table.  My boyfriend’s curiosity led him to asking how many hours he would have to spend at that Brewery to get his own stammtish…
Zum Augustiner…cosy and casual atmosphere.  Beautiful restaurant, beer hall & historic brewery, serving Bavarian dishes in an art nouveau building.
Andechser am Dom…cosy, lovely atmosphere.  Food was wonderful, and the service was great. It has a large beer hall part of a monastery brewery and they offer hearty Bavarian dishes.
Löwenbräukeller… excellent Bavarian cuisine and delicious Löwenbräu beer made from their brewery.  They host large concert events and the dining halls have a typical cosy Bavarian ambience. Coincidentally the night we wandered into Löwenbräu, they were hosting some kind of Oktoberfest themed party. We were definitely not dressed for the occasion but it didn’t stop us from getting the full Bavarian experience while we were in Munich.

Places to See

Nymphenburg Palace…magical palace outside of the city center.  Every room was beautiful and the hand-painted ceilings are captivating. Impressive gardens, fountains, park, and swans everywhere. It’s a MUST SEE! Self guided tour, photography allowed.

St. Peter’s Church… known as Peterskirch in German.  Peterskirche has a number of great works of art, fifteenth century sculptures, and beautiful hand-painted ceilings.  If you’re up for the climb, there is a viewing platform that has the best view of Munich.  Warning: Be prepared to climb many, many stairs to the top. There are 306 steps to be exact and it’s a very narrow stairway. Do not wear heels. If the cloud visibility is just right, you can see all the way to the Alps. We were lucky enough to have seen the Alps and it was absolutely worth the climb!

Marienplatz… the square still continues to be the city’s focal point. The heart of the city if you ask me.  The square is dominated by the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall). This monumental building stands 79 meters (259 ft) high. Each day at 11, 12 and 17 o’clock, visitors can watch the famous Glockenspiel or carillon. If you’re wondering, it’s 32 mechanical dancing figures rotating around a two-tier platform accompanied by 43 musical bells. It lasts about 15 minutes.

Frauenkirche… translates to the Women’s Church.  This beautiful gothic cathedral which was later reconstructed with Baroque elements is one of my favorites. Some of the most eye-catching features are the two domes and the tall arches inside the cathedral.

Victuals Market… is a daily food market near Marienplatz in the city centre. Originally it started out as a farmers’ market and is now home to many gourmet shops that sell all Bavarian delights. Munich’s Victuals Market, Viktualienmarkt in German, is the place to find exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, artisan cheeses, honey, truffles, fish, meat, sausages, herbs, spices, wine, and last but certainly not least, flowers. It’s also right next to a popular square where locals sit and drink beer.



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